I just got back from my Teleseminar Secrets Reunion for the class I just took with Alex Mandossian in San Francisco — it was amazing!  2 days in a room filled with 185 people moving forward, doing new projects, optimistic and successful.  I didn’t sleep well last night — all the notes, doodles and things I want to implement and work on swimming around in my head.

We saw a video that I absolutely loved and found inspiring. It’s call 212 degrees.  Taking water from cold to hot to steam can make such a huge difference in what the water can achieve.  That last degree that takes it from boiling to steam is the key!  Are you there?  Are you working with steam?  Or are you playing around in tepid water in the kiddie pool?

I think in some seriously hot water (in a good way!) but not sure I’m ‘steaming’… today I’ll be looking at that and figuring out how to get there and stay there.

Here’s the video — I hope it inspires your day, your week, your business!

~ Tara

[youtube FpJQqzJj534 nolink]