I admit it.  I like to veg out in front of the tv on Sundays and get my share of drama.  I avoid suburb drama like the plague in real life but Desperate Housewives have been a Sunday-staple for years.  Of course I relate to Susan the most (the artist) even though I’m a bit less clumsy about how I go through my daily life.  Bree is just a smidge too together – wound up like a coil ready to SNAP at any moment… great business she has going though!  I wish I had a studio the size of her kitchen… woo-wee!

Last night, they broke their contract with me.

I realize that there had been some odd, evil things going on on Wisteria Lane and they were going to have to tie up the “who tried to strangle Julie” plot line at some point… but yikes!  I think they borrowed the writers from Dexter for that hour of darkness.  I didn’t like it – not one bit!  It was too far from what I have come to expect and if they keep it up, I’ll stop watching.

I had an inspiration while explaining the situation to a friend – there is a lesson in here for us!

Are you keeping your “contract” with your clients and end consumers?

In Paul Brent’s branding teleseminar he talks about building and being true to your brand.  Not building an expectation and then going off and creating in left field.  He should know, he’s built quite a brand!  To my way of seeing things, Desperate Housewives did just that – they went off into evil land and they better fix it, quick!  (In this loyal viewers humble opinion of course.)

Just a little food for thought I felt compelled to share… think about your art brand like a tv show and make sure your audience is getting what they expect.  THAT is the key to success!

– Tara Reed