Features are what things do.  Benefits are why we care.  Which do you focus on on your website, in conversations and your marketing?

I was watching a show onDemand the other day and it wouldn’t let me fast forward through commercials… it ended up being a good thing because I found this commercial that is the perfect example of what I am talking about.

[youtube Gw-Amu4IGW4]

The woman asks what they are doing… the first guy emerges and tells her exactly what they are doing… in tech talk only another technician would understand.  He was giving the features – or the facts – of what they were doing.  She looks confused.

The next guy pops his head out and says, “You will be able to post from the breakroom.”  Benefit.  THIS she understood and was excited about!  How it was going to work really didn’t matter – she just wants the benefit.

So what do YOU focus on more… features or benefits.  Have you even thought about this before?  Don’t feel bad if you say no – most people who don’t have any background in sales or marketing haven’t.  But if you are in business for yourself, this is something you need to consider whenever you are writing an email, updating your website or having a conversation.  In your head think about this – “This is what I do but THIS IS WHY THEY WILL CARE”.  Then start with or put most of your focus on why they will care.

Here’s an example:

I paint by hand in watercolors.  I then manipulate my art in Photoshop.  (feature – it’s what I do)

But why do they care that that’s what I do? 

I deliver art in layers in Photoshop so it is easy to adjust my art to templates for your products. (benefit – easy to manipulate – saves time which saves money. These are the things manufacturers and retailers in art licensing are looking for.)

I encourage you to go look at your website and see if you are talking about features or if you are showing the benefits of working with you…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed