I’m laughing as I type because somehow I bet that title got your attention!  I sure hope that it did because I  found a great new resource for artists… well truth be told, the resource actually found me a few months ago.

Bari Caton contacted me a few weeks ago about the Art Licensing Info affiliate program.  I gave her the details of how she could earn some extra cash by promoting the site.  She told me about what she does – helps artists find grants.  She was working on her eBook and this week she sent me what she had done.

When I had a few minutes I opened it up to see what it was all about. It was about saving you a heck of a lot of time on Google or other search engines if you are interested in looking for grants!

The eBook is only $9.99 and has a great collection of websites offering grants to artists and a description of what they are for – saves you tons of time going through all the sites yourself.

If you are new to grants, you also get a handy Glossary of Grants Lingo because as you probably know, every business has some of its own terms and you can be left scratching your head and going, “huh?” without the proper dictionary.

Bari has a newsletter, articles and more – everything you need.

Bari Caton is an experienced grant writer with a Masters in Arts Administration and numerous successful grant applications under her belt. She’s taught many workshops and seminars, and authored the highly-successful 1993 print book, Grant-Searching Simplified.  Written in the pre-Internet days, GS-S is no longer available, although a second edition is in the works.

The mission of ArtGrants.com is 
to help individual artists…
•    get organized
•    learn fundamental skills,
•    acquire necessary tools,
•    figure out where the grants are
•    and develop the confidence
•    to actively seek out and submit the quality applications
•    that will enable them to do their most creative work
•    with the backing of adequate financial resources.

So why not check it out… there may be some money available to help you with your dream.  In a 5 minute glance I found two websites that will probably help a friend that does art therapy for low income families and children in Portland.  Maybe it will help you, maybe a friend, but definitely worth a look.

Go!  Now! www.ArtGrants.com

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara