It seems like everyday I am amazed a newe resources, blog, information or inspiration that I find online for artists.

A few weeks ago I discovered (and was discovered by)

I had the pleasure of talking with Carolyn Edlund, the owner and author of this blog for emerging artists.  Here is her story, as she tells it, taken from the “About” page of her blog:

Although I am not currently a working artist, I spent twenty years running a production studio making ceramic jewelry and one-of-a-kind  ceramic and mixed-media  pieces.

Upon graduating from college with a degree in Fine Art, I had no preparation for embarking on a career other than some art skills, a lot of motivation and passion for what I was doing. It took a lot of mistakes to learn what worked – why people buy art, tricks of the trade, dealing with wholesale and retail buyers and having a profitable career that balanced with life.

After closing my business, I went on the road representing art publishing companies and card and paper lines featuring artist’s work. This experience gave me another perspective on the business of art and the realities of the marketplace.

Often I meet aspiring and emerging artists who are hungry for knowledge, opportunities and a chance to make their true passion into a career that really works.

Hopefully this blog will be helpful – it is designed to contain interviews with companies that buy from artists, educators who counsel art students, and successful artists themselves who share their best advice and encouragement to the next generation. I hope you will enjoy Artsy Shark. Subscribe, pass it on, participate and submit your ideas for discussions you would like to share.

Carolyn was interested to learn more about art licensing and shared the information with her readers in a post:

Is Art Licensing Right for You?/Interview with Tara Reed

As well as “how-to” interviews about different aspects and types of art businesses, Artsy Shark also interviews artists, features galleries and more. It’s worth taking a look and see if it is another blog to follow to keep your creative juices flowing!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed