AudioSale-082609We had another great night of questions… and if you listened live, please forgive our ‘button and beeping’ issues.  (I edited them out – hopefully I got them all!)

The audio is now ready for purchase for anyone who missed the call or wants to listen again.  It is $15 through September 2nd then goes to $25 – get it while it’s cheap I say!

Here is what we covered:

I am just beginning to learn about licensing my art; what should I do to get started?

I would like to know if, and how, we should sign our original art for licensing.

I’ve been told and also feel that I need to create a distinctive “look” for my art that is unique and all my own, but I’m having a difficult time doing that. Any great suggestions?

Would there ever be a situation where an artist would assign his copyright and/or design rights to another company or should an artist always keep their copyright?

Do you have any suggestions on how do you get manufacturers to work with you if you have never had work licensed before?

How much am I hurting my chances of my samples being seen by an appropriate person, if I mail to just “Art Director” instead of a specific name because I can’t get the name?

I have 2 MAJOR fine art publishers very interested this month in licensing out the same or similar pieces for poster/giclee market. I am getting copies of their contracts to review but how do I know which co. is best for my work?

Is it a good idea to keep your art private..not published on a blog or facebook if you are planning to try to get licensing?

What are the pros and cons of having the portfolio in my web site password protected?

Discussion of how to decide if & where to exhibit at trade shows and the many options.

Sq-BeginBasicsHow do you keep professional and personal lives separate when they share/overlap space?

What % of your time is spent on your art, your marketing, your office work & everything else?


I also mentioned a new teleseminar designed just to answer question #1 – “I’m new to art licensing, what is it and what do I do?”  I’ll do a more detailed blog later but CLICK HERE to get all the details.  The call is on September 22nd and is for all the people wondering what this industry is all about…

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