Kudos to everyone who submitted questions for the legal Ask Call with Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer – what a great call – I learned a lot! Tons of food for thought and ideas to grow and protect your business.

Since this was Kyle-Beth’s third call the audio is available to purchase for $20 thru April 3rd and then goes to $30 after that. Well worth the knowledge and it helps compensate regular guests for their time and expertise.

Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer talks about art licensingTopics covered on the call:

  • The importance of “why” and how that might relate to various questions I’ve seen online about licensing negotiations and royalty audits.
  • Can an artist learn to do their own contracts and where do they get their first contract?
  • When registering copyrights, what is considered “published work”?
  • Do you have to copyright every color way of the same pattern?
  • Does the number of images in a copyright registration affect compensation if there is an infringement?
  • What is involved in registering a trademark and how long does it take?
  • Can you use other’s art (cartoons for example, Batman, Minions, etc) if you are only doing individual pieces of art for sale and not mass producing or is that a copyright infringement?
  • What is the difference between a brand and a property?
  • Will allowing non-profits to use art for t-shirts affect other licensing deals?
  • Is it illegal to use images of celebrities in your work for licensing?


Some links Kyle-Beth mentioned on the call to learn more about contracts from her blog:

Art Licensing: Key Legal Terms from the Artist’s Perspective

Art Licensing: Key Legal Terms from the Manufacturer’s Perspective

Evaluating Art Licenses: How to Tell if You Have a Good Deal

Book recommendation:

Getting to Yes [affiliate link]

Where to find Kyle-Beth Hilfer

Learn more about Ms. Hilfer at www.kbhilferlaw.com,
or follow her on Twitter @kbhilferlaw
or Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/kylebethhilfer.

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