Paul Brent has the right idea…

While I have been toiling away on follow up from the show, he and his wife have been relaxing on the Oregon Coast.  (What a small world!  He lives in Florida and has a vacation home just over an hour from me in Oregon?!?!  Cool!)

Of course I’m sure he had his years of long days and nights like us but has built a very successful business.  Now he has Ellen confidently handling the follow up and getting ready for the Licensing International Show while he enjoys the great weather we’ve been having. (YES, the sun does shine in Portland, Oregon)

How has he done it? How did he go from publishing prints of his work to having his art on thousands of products that sold over $67 million in retail in 2008?  It’s a bit too broad of a question for our call but I want to learn from him.  You can too.  How fabulous that we have the opportunity to learn from such and industry veteran. (Thanks Paul for being so approachable and willing to share – we appreciate it!)

Paul so enjoyed our call in March that he is going to do another hour of answering your questions on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST. In order to keep the costs down, 94 people can listen live and if you can’t fit it in your schedule or don’t make the call – the replay will only be $10.  Quite the deal for the expertise – not to mention the time / effort to organize, produce and edit.

We will have time to talk about 10-12 of the questions submitted – one could be yours!  So head to and submit your question today.  Talk to you soon!

– Tara