AskPaulBrent-AudioSale102109Poor Paul! I think I threatened to hang up on the man two if not three times during the October “Ask” call.  But it’s all his fault really… he just gave SUCH GOOD INFORMATION that I would have been satisfied if my line went dead and I didn’t hear anymore.  (And that was at the 6 minute mark!)  He really out did himself this time and I’m not just saying that.  I was again, blown away.

Around 4:30 when I was getting ready for the call, I was tired. Just plumb tuckered out as my grandmother would say.  So tired I was heading into “why do I do all this?” land… not a fun place to visit.  But after getting on the call, talking with everyone who listened live before our prompt 5:30 pm PST start, and then listening to Paul Brent, I am INVIGORATED!  Ready to paint! Repeat! Create! License!  He filled my glass to overflowing!

So what is all the fuss about?  Here is what we covered:

• Trends – life cycle, spotting, when to jump on board or let them pass you by
• How many collections does Paul paint a year?
• Create a variety of patterns & styles or stick with one starting out?
• How do you make landscapes commercial enough to license?
• How to you differentiate yourself and stay unique?
• Can you submit to more than one company in an industry at a time?
• How often can you contact a manufacturer? Are there rules or guidelines?
• When did Paul decide to exhibit at SURTEX and what was his business like up until that point?
• How do you advertise your art?
• Is the economy affecting who you work with and what themes manufacturers are looking for?
• Do US copyrights protect us overseas?
• Should a company that exhibits at the Stationery Show but wants to get into licensing exhibit at SURTEX?
• How should an artist market themselves without an agent?
• Should you include a contract when submitting art for review?
• How should you format collections of 4 images?
• Are there colors to avoid or that are harder to reproduce on products?

If you missed it, or if you listened live and couldn’t take notes fast enough, the replay is now available.  It is only $15 through October 31st and then goes to $25.  Worth every penny, I promise.  If you want to get your copy, just click the button below.


Here’s to your creative inspiration and success!

– Tara

P.S. -the website Paul referred to when talking about trends is

P.P.S. – November 18th  is with me, go to today and get your questions in.