Are you taking it?

When you meet someone do you follow up?

When someone gives you a lead, do you follow up AND thank them?

Are you creating art and making a plan or just reading blogs?

Success is in the ACTION!

I’ve had this topic on a post-it note for a while… today I decided it was time because honestly, I’m a little disappointed in my blog and eNews reader’s action taking…

Yesterday I sent an email to 2700+ artists and asked for their help.  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a grant… the chances are slim but they are zero if I don’t even enter.  If I were to get the grant, it would definitely allow me to do even more to help artists understand the art licensing industry and keep us professional and viable to manufacturers.

However, I won’t even be considered for this grant if you don’t take action on my behalf…

I need 250 people with Facebook accounts to vote for me, so my application will be looked at.  Honestly, I didn’t think that would take long – surely 25o of the thousands on  my facebook, enews list, etc, would help me out…

Some have an issue with Chase wanting to connect with their Facebook account. I totally understand – when I’m faced with that I often do it, then about an hour later I go into Settings (the little gear in the top right), click on Account Settings.  Then on the left, click on Apps.  Then you see all the Apps you have allowed access to your page and click EDIT to change their access.  Yes a few steps, but I’d SOOOOOO appreciate the effort!  I can’t do this without you!

Facebook App SettingsAs of the moment I’m writing this post (10:35 am – 10/9) – I only have 171 votes.  Don’t get me wrong, I SOOOO appreciate all the well wishes and emails and votes that I have received… but I need 79 more…

Please TAKE ACTION and help me out. Click this link:

Then think about the action you are taking for yourself in your business, your life and your relationships and decide if you have the right mix or if you need to increase or decrease in any area.

Here’s to your creative success and I thank you all in advance for helping me get my business in the running for this grant!

– Tara Reed