and handed me my camera.  I am sorry to say that I can’t remember her name since I was in the middle of talking with a potential client.  (If you are reading this, THANK YOU AGAIN!)  Here is what happened…

I got up this morning and was gathering my things to take to the show.  “Where is my camera?”  Frustrating!  I went through every bag in my room twice and couldn’t find it.  Did I leave it in my booth?  No… I remembered taking pictures of the building after I set up my booth.

Well, it was time to leave so I decided to look for it later.  As I walked to the show I thought it might be in my raincoat, the one place I didn’t check, and forgot about my camera and went on with my day.

About 2 pm my angel arrived, she was looking quizzically at my booth so I paused from watching a manufacturer  looking through my portfolio and I asked if I could help her with anything.  She asked if anyone in my booth had lost a camera.  YES!

She found my camera in the hallway of my hotel.  Thankfully I had taken several pictures of my booth so she looked through the the photos and came to find my booth.  (CHA isn’t a small show either — there was some walking involved on her part!)

How awesome is that?  My camera was a very nice, small, $250 digital camera that anyone could have enjoyed. But she knew the owner would be looking for it and went to great lengths to return it.

I believe people are inherently good and do the right thing – this was reaffirmed in a big way for me today.  I hope you have angels in your life where you need them as well.

~ Tara