I got an email last week that this blog was included in a post entitled, 50 Best Blogs for Watercolor Artists by the people at the Web Design Schools Guide.  That sounded interesting and it’s always great to have people help spread the word about this blog but when I got to the post, I got really excited.

This is a great resource of resources for any artist – not just watercolor artists.

They have gathered a list of 50 blogs, complete with their links, broken down into the following categories:

  • Watercolor Demonstrations
  • Watercolor Artists
  • Art Business
  • Art News and Reviews

The ArtLicensingBlog is listed under “Art Business” of course and I’m honored to be included on this obviously well researched list of resources.

So if you are looking for more sources of inspiration and information, head to http://www.webdesignschoolsguide.com/library/50-best-blogs-for-watercolor-artists.html and see what they have.  I can tell you I’ve bookmarked the post because I won’t be able to absorb it all at once!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed