Another art licensing agency has taken me up on my offer to not only be included on the list of agents but to share some information about themselves.  (Want to see the list of agents and contact info?  Look for the tab at the top of this blog: FIND AN AGENT)  Remember that the agents DO NOT look at the comments on my posts for new artists – if you are interested in submitting work to them, please use the contact information at the end of the post.

More about Jennifer Nelson Artists… from Jennifer herself.

”It’s funny,” says Jennifer Nelson from her Boston-area office, “to be considered The New Kid in Town. I’ve been involved with art and illustration for decades.” Although Jennifer Nelson Artists just made its debut as a business in January of 2015, Jennifer has had a thriving design business where she worked closely with illustrators on a regular basis. After a few years working for a well-known artist’s agent, Ms. Nelson went out on her own to start this new business. “It’s something different, but it’s also a continuation of what I’ve always done. I’ve been in the art world for my whole life.”

Jennifer Nelson Artists opened its doors with a roster of five top talents: Bee Brown, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Lauren Lowen, Monkia Forsberg and Victoria Johnson. “All smart, talented women with varied backgrounds” says Jennifer, “and each with her very own style.” Although the studio will take on more artists in the future, Nelson says she wants to stay focused on these keeping these five busy first.“Being an artist’s agent is different from being an art director. As a designer my client was the company who hired us to design something. As an agent, I have a dual clientele. I serve both the companies who buy art and these five illustrators.”

JNA works in several ways to provide art for their client companies. New illustration can be commissioned, existing pieces can be licensed or purchased outright. This flexibility ensures that everyone gets what they want and need. “And my artists get to do what they want, the opportunity to create beautiful images without worrying about contracts and the business end of things.” Most of Jennifer’s customers are in the stationery, book, textile and decorative home goods industries. “But we’re open to everything,” she adds. Magazine illustration, book covers, even advertising are places where a whimsical piece of artwork or a lovely spot illustration can add interest and appeal. “I’m so excited about the new venture and look forward to seeing how the illustrators work transforms all kinds of products.”

Jennifer Nelson Artists is a Boston-based illustration agency representing a roster of talented artists whose work available for licensing as well as commissions. JNA can be reached at (781) 643-2002or at

Here’s to your creative success!
– Tara Reed