I’m not sure why but I have found myself sharing these thoughts on fear with a few people lately.  I decided since it keeps coming up, I might as well “share it with the group” as my kindergarten teacher used to say.  So… here it is:

Fear is a test to see how much you REALLY want something… or so I tell myself when Im full of it.  (Fear that is!)

So ask yourself – what are you most afraid of right now and how much do you want to push through the fear?  Sometimes you might decide to leave it alone and other times not.  I was terrified when I decided to try and license my art – but I really wanted it so I pushed through the fear and am glad I did!

I’ve always been afraid of snakes – even pictures freak me out.  However I’m not really seeing the need to work through that one – I simply avoid the reptile house and the zoo, skip the snake pages in books and continue on with my life. 🙂

Some fears are worth the effort to overcome, others, in my opinion, aren’t worth the time and effort.  Only you can decide which fears are which…

What are you afraid of?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed