My Mission

Melissa Schulz brings the experience of an artist, manufacturer, creative director, agent, marketing director and business manager to the art licensing education tools available to everyone via  She has over 20 years of experience in art licensing and many years of building successful companies and brands; providing an honest, practical and authentic perspective to all that she does.  In addition, through her connections, she brings the experience of some of the most talented, respected and successful individuals in the art licensing world to the educational materials.

Her passion, strength and goals lie in teaching the creative and business skills, mindsets, and actions artists can take to make connections, market their art, build a foundation for their business, and set a strategic direction for success.  Inclusive in this is a focus on the “WHY” of a business, and the personal development of each artist.  While everything is not a rosy picture in the world, they also share the downsides to the business; highlighting the pitfalls that can throw one’s journey off course.  Melissa helps artists take their creativity and talent, and “package” it for licensing.

History is the go-to resource for all educational materials for artists to learn about licensing their art.  Founded by artist Tara Reed in 2008, the website has grown to include a wide range of no-cost and low-cost resources such as our eBooks, individual coaching, the Art Licensing Info “Industry Icon Interviews”, a blog, newsletter, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the highly acclaimed Art Licensing Academy and Trade Show Academy.

Acquired in July 2015, it is Melissa’s goal to combine her business background, experience in the industry and love of teaching to help artists grow their business easily and affordably.

A Little Bit about Me…

Melissa Schulz

Melissa’s vast experience as a Creative Leader, associated with leading brands such as Hallmark, Hard Rock, American Greetings, and Kathy Davis to name a few. With 20 years of experience in the art licensing and product development fields, Melissa has strategically led creative teams through transitional, successful and growth periods. Charged with entrepreneurial spirit, she has spent years helping artists and companies strategize their business growth path. Proudly, Melissa devoted much time building the Kathy Davis brand online through social media marketing, as well as great success in traditional marketing channels.  Through the process of building her own jewelry line, she has proven her “hands on” capabilities in all aspects of the business. Finally, she is an optimist, a relationship builder and a brand ambassador – all things that have helped prepare her for where she is today – helping artists build their brands and strategies to navigate the waters of licensing.

Areas of expertise include:

Brand Strategy and Execution.  Strategic Brand Building and Brand Management over the “life cycle” of properties, synthesizing consumer and retail knowledge with relevant designs.

Marketing.  Strategic Planning and Implementation at B2B and B2C levels in both traditional and social media.

Creative Direction and Product Development. Innovative Thinking and Strong Design Aesthetic for new product development and ongoing line development.

Licensing. Provides full 360° viewpoint, with experience from both licensee and licensor perspective including:  Research, Sales, Deal Negotiation, Contract Drafting, Contract Execution, Product Line Development and Marketing, and Relationship Management.

Retail and Consumer.  Retail Entrepreneurial Spirit with true understanding and experience of consumer needs/wants.


Who am I?

A female creative business owner

A mom

A friend

Unconventional and a free spirit

Upbeat and fun

An experienced resource


What can you expect from me?





Creative and helpful approach