Wow!  My mind is blown… literally.  I always do a mini de-brief with my guests after each call and Lilla and I had a great conversation… in fact she was giving me so much food for thought that she said, “I’m going to let you go because I can hear your brain exploding… ”  SHE WAS RIGHT!

WHAT were we discussing? you ask.  Well, we were talking about the whole “branded look” vs. variety of styles and I was telling her my story of sort of defaulting into a wide range of styles – so much so that my sister often doesn’t recognize my work.  There are pluses and minuses to this of course (read the blog post on the subject) I just hope that people don’t do it by default but have a little more deliberate creativity in regards to style and direction…  She firmly believes I will land with more of a branded, recognizable style the more I do what I love (and stop working from colors handed to me that they end up not liking anyway… tee hee.  You have to listen to the audio to get the whole story…)

So yes, she blew my mind and gave me a lot to think about.  Even after the wonderful hour.

This is why I LOVE doing these calls.  This business is so interesting, diverse and ever evolving… no one person has the answers.  There is no one way of doing things. I love getting my mind blown listening to the perspectives and opinions of others and learning from their experience and deciding what it can teach me in my business.

Thank you Lilla for sharing your insights and opinions on the creative process, art licensing and art as a career in general.

Here is what we covered on the call –

Lilla Rogers free audio replay about art licensing

  • We got the “411” on Lilla’s path as an artist, a teacher and an agent and learned about her class and Global Talent search. (links below…)
  • How does an artist get started with an agent? What do you expect from an artist before signing and what types of contract or fees need to be considered?
  • How many images should we send to an agent on first contact / cold call? Do the images need to have accompanying patterns, borders for first contact?
  • When creating art, should one think of the end product it will be used on, or should one create something she loves and then figure out where it would work and maybe tweak it a little?
  • What type of work should I add to my portfolio and should it be more digitally focused vs traditional artwork?
  • What is an average amount an artist, newly represented by an agent, could expect to earn in the first year or so
  • Your website has a lot of prolific artists. How do you present so much art work to a client? Do you organize collections to show clients according to their needs or do they ask for a particular artist or groups of artist?
  • What are your top tips for self-representing artists when negotiating a win-win deal?
  • What are your feelings about mock-ups? Do you think showing art on product helps get a deal or am I wasting time doing mockups for every collection – is having icons, borders and patterns enough?
  • There seem to be a lot of “overlapping” styles. How do you advise ppl on how to create their own ”style” that stands out from the rest, and still be viable in the mkt place?

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Some links we talked about during the call –

I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla RogersLilla’s website:

Lilla’s “Make Art that Sells” eCourse – on now but a new session begins in October.

Lilla’s “Global Talent Search” – deadline to enter is 6/25 so decide if this is for you asap! (I think the assignments will be worth it even if you don’t “win”… hmmm…)

Lilla’s book – I Just Like to Make Things – available at is a great resource to learn about all sorts of computer programs – including but certainly not limited to Photoshop and Illustrator.

Great list of agents on this blog:

Colorforms! (You have to listen to understand… if anyone wants to buy me a present I think I want the “Dress Up Game” – looks delightful!)

Some parting wisdom from Lilla from the call –

A few things that Lilla said that really resonated with me were…

People buy your joy.

When deciding what to create, ask yourself what do you love not what is the current trend?

Do you what you love and you will be successful.

Feel free to add any other things that stuck with you in the comments – I’m quite sure I missed some golden nuggets while monitoring everything!

artist Kathy Davis will be on the September 2013 Art Licensing Info ask Call with Tara ReedNext Up… Kathy Davis!

About Kathy Davis:

Kathy Davis touches over 100 million consumers annually through her expressive and joyful greeting cards. Beloved by millions of Americans for her whimsical style and uplifting sentiments of giving and sharing joy, Kathy Davis is a true woman entrepreneur who turned a passion into a business. Kathy’s own story is as inspiring as the messages in her greeting cards.

Learn more about Kathy and submit your question anytime here