My sister, Christine, who many of you have met over the years at SURTEX or who you may have heard on the Trade Show Tactics Teleseminar, helped me on the July Ask Tara Reed call.  We always have a lot of fun together – including her pre-call threats to do one of the following:

  • forget the call completely and leave me stranded
  • be asleep and if she woke up, she’d be groggy and hard to understand
  • swear and embarrass me in any way she could come up with
  • use different accents for each question

She didn’t forget and behaved very well. The only problem reported was that we sound so similar that sometimes people had a hard time figuring out who was talking.  (We get that – especially over the phone. Lots of fun to tell our dad it’s “His favorite daughter” and listen to him pause – trying to figure out who it really is and then say the others name!)

Here is what we covered on the July 21st call:

  • What are the first steps you should take before you try to license your art?
  • Do you need an agent to license your art?
  • Is it better to email or snail mail submissions to agents?
  • Is there a “set” advance price for artwork?
  • What types and sizes of files should you submit to agents or manufacturers?
  • Should you follow online submission guidelines to the letter or make follow-up calls?
  • How do I make calls to companies without sounding like a newbie?
  • What are the pros & cons of a contract with a “worldwide” territory?
  • How can I build marketable character-based art without having a Saturday morning tv show?
  • Trade show preparation strategies / tips
  • How do you use social media (Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn) in your art licensing business.

Thank you so much to Laura for her fabulous question about cold calling and willingness to let us tease her (we are twitter friends so I knew it would be ok!)… we are now applying peer pressure to get her on the phone and then to report back on how it was, on the blog.  Send her a message of encouragement on Twitter – she’s @CreativeGirl – to keep her moving forward.

Facebook was a little quieter than usual but on Twitter it was so cool to see people joining forces to stay accountable!  Social media is such a great connector!

If you want a copy of the audio replay, it is $15 through 7/31 and $25 thereafter. We appreciate your support in purchasing these calls – it helps us continue to attract and create the great content artists have come to love and expect each and every month!

What’s coming up next…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 – Attorney Cheryl Hodgson will be back to answer your legal questions.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010NEW EXPERT Dena Fishbein will be answering your questions.  Head to to learn why I’m so excited to have Dena join the ranks of Ask Call Expert.