Helping artists succeed in art licensing by bridging the gap between creativity and business.

Tara Reed's passion and strength lies in teaching the business skills, mindsets and actions artists can take to build their portfolio for art licensing, make connections and market their art.

mug © Tara Reed DesignsWould you love to walk into a store and see your art on products?

Then art licensing might be for you...

Instead of selling originals or selling designs outright, many artists will grant the right (license) to use their art on a specific product, for a set time period in exchange for a percentage of sales. By licensing instead of selling art, there is the potential to earn income on the same piece of art or collection of art multiple times.

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Paul Brent answers artists questions about art licensing

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Art Licensing Academy group coaching with Tara ReedAre you ready to turn your dream of licensing your art into a reality?

Then the Art Licensing Academy might be for you...

By working together for 4 weeks we are able to cover a lot of how-to’s as well as personal development and mindset concepts that are the backbone of a sustainable business. You will get answers to your questions and learn from questions asked by others as well. Our private Facebook group is an amazing way to stay connected and supported throughout the program and beyond as well.

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Without promotion something terrible happens –  nothing.

– P.T. Barnum

Succeeding in art licensing - or any business for that matter - requires more than just the core skills or talent. In art licensing, the "core skills" would obviously be artistic talent. If you have the talent, you then need to learn how to apply it in a way that works for products. You need to learn to see trends and decide if they make sense for your style and focus. I consider the core skills the art related skills.

Beyond the core skills, you need business skills - sales & marketing, building and nurturing relationships, understanding and negotiating contracts, etc.

But don't forget about your "personal" core. Without understanding yourself and what motivates you and what might make you sabotage yourself, you won't have everything you need to maximize your success.

Art Licensing Academy

The Art Licensing Academy is a group coaching program, held by phone, for artists wanting an in-depth education about how art licensing works.

A four week, 8 session program includes a private Facebook group. Artists will learn solid business skills to move them forward by leaps and bounds towards their goal of building an art licensing business and be supported along the way.

It is Tara's belief that the more professional artists become in the industry, the better it will be for everyone. Understanding both what manufacturers need and what artists bring to the table in terms of skills, knowledge and know-how is vital for individual success and the success of the industry.

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Bi-Monthly Ask Calls

Every other month, Tara Reed interviews experts from the art licensing industry who spend an hour answering questions submitted by artists. To see the upcoming experts, dates, and to submit your question, please visit

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About Tara Reed

Tara Reed has been licensing her art since 2004 and began in 2008 to provide the kind of information and resources she wished she had when starting out.

Tara’s goal is to combine her business background, experience in the industry, and love of teaching to help artists understand art licensing and grow their businesses without breaking the bank.

She has authored 10 eBooks for artists, interviewed many experts in the industry, teaches and serves on the Advisory Board for SURTEX - the premier art licensing trade show.