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Our website was created to share the tools and techniques, strategies and systems for all levels of individuals wanting to learn more about art licensing.The collective knowledge of a vast array of highly successful people has been tapped and condensed into programs to make the journey into licensing more fruitful, less burdensome and greatly simplified.  We have all learned so many “hard knock lessons” from our experiences, and it is our goal to provide the resources so that you do not have to endure the same fate.  From the beginner wanting to showcase their works to the experienced professional seeking new knowledge, support and information, we are the single source for these tools.


Marketing 101 For Artists

Marketing 101 For Artists” has been designed and developed based on years of experience marketing art, brands and companies to help grow successful businesses – like yours!  This online course will help you develop a strategic plan for marketing, and define the necessary dedication to the practice of marketing to your audience.